11 December 2022

SIEMENS VECTRON MS for Freightliner

SIEMENS VECTRON MS for Freightliner Freightliner PL had ordered at the Polish leasing company CARGOUNIT brand new SIEMENS VECTRON MS. The first loco was already delivered to Freightliner just before Christmas. These electric multisystem locos are equipped with ETCS and are licensed to run in Germany, Poland and the Netherlands. The output of the loco […]

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10 October 2021

Rolling stock transfer PL – DE – UK

    Rolling stock transfer PL – DE – UK   We transferred on behalf of our English colleagues several batches of brand new manufactured flat wagons for container transport across Europe to the UK. These wagons of the type Sggrrss were produced at the Polish Greenbrier plant and are designed to run on the […]

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15 January 2021

Freightliner reaches Netherlands

  Grain transports all across Europe. After doing a successful job transferring brand new passenger EMU´s for STADLER from Poland to Groningen, Freightliner is excited to announce that the first grain transport reached its destination in the Netherlands. For the distance of slightly  more the than 1.100 km just one single class 66 loco was […]

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13 May 2019

New open box wagons at Freightliner

  Freightliner Germany is happy to announce the arrival of a brand new open box wagon set. With an overall length of 11.3m each wagon is quite short and the loading weight amounts to 72 tonnes. Considering the shorter length of each wagon we are able to use more wagons within a standard wagon set […]

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9 February 2018

With Freightliner from Belarus to Germany

In February 2018, following the requests of a German customer, Freightliner DE transported the first coal train from Belarus to Germany.

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